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Assigning local and global risks using risk register

This is a preferred method for assigning risk in complex project. This method is also useful when you edit risk assignment, for example for mitigation planning. You will be able to view all risk assignments in one place. With the risk register, you can assign both local and global risks.

  1. Open the Risk Register.
  2. Double-click on the risk to which you want to add properties.
  3. Click either the Assign to tasks or resources tab.
  4. Depending upon whether you are assigning local or global risk to a task or resource click on the first empty row in either the Assigned to tasks or Assigned to resources tables.
  5. Select the task or resource from the drop-down list. You may select "All Tasks" or "All Resources" for global risk assignments. If you select a specific task or resource, it will have a local risk assignment.
  6. Click the row ID cell the item you just select to enable the Selected assignment table to the right. This is where you define the risk assignment.
  7. Click in the Chance cell to start entering the Chance, Outcome Type, and Outcome of the risk.
  8. Select the Moment of risk distribution from the drop-down list. If it is triangular, you must define the Start, Most Likely, and Finish parameters. Moment of risk is available only in RiskyProject Professional.
  9. Click in an additional row to enter a mutually exclusive risk alternative. A risk alternative is a different outcome from the same event.

Project risk management: Assigning Risks

  • Use the Pie Chart for mutually exclusive risk alternatives to as a guide for how they affect the overall chance that the risk will occur.
  • if you do not enter chance, outcome, results, or moment of risk assignment will not be saved even you selected task or resources.

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