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Assigning local and global risks

Assigning local and global risks

Once you have added your risks you can start assigning your local risks to tasks and resources. You cannot assign the same local risk to both a task and a resource. RiskyProject offers a number of ways to assign risks to task and resources.

Method 1: Assigning risks using the Drag-N-Drop Risk view

This is the preferred method for assigning risks to complex projects as it allows you to quickly assign risks to multiple tasks or resources (Professional version only)

Method 2: Assigning global and local risks using risk register

This method is useful when you edit risk assignment, for example for mitigation planning. You will be able to view all risk assignments in one place. With the risk register, you can assign both local and global risks.

Method 3: Re-Assigning risks using the Risk Assignment view

This is the recommended method to re-assign risks to different task and resources or make them global.

Method 4: Assigning Local Risks Using the Task Information dialog box and Resource Information Dialog Box

You can define task risks in the Risk Tab of Task Information or Resource Information dialog boxes. All risks entered here are "local risks" and will not appear in the Global Risk Assignment view. It is a preferred method if you want to assign few different risks to few separate tasks and resources.

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