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Analyzing Cost and Revenue

Use the Cost Analysis view to analyze cost and revenue on each stage of the project. The Cost Analysis view has up to three cost diagrams:

Risk Analysis: Cost and revenue chart

You may use the slider to determine:

  • Cost Variance (actual vs. budgeted cost)
  • Cost with Risks and uncertainties vs. Current schedule (budgeted) cost.

Risk Analysis: Analyzing cost and revenue

  • If income is defined for at least one task, the cost analysis diagram will show the project revenue calculated based on the formula: Revenue = Income - Cost.
  • If Cost exceeds Income in any given period of time Revenue will be negative.
  • If income is not defined, Cost will be always positive.

Use the shortcut menu to manipulate with chart. In particular, instead of presenting a line chart of current schedule, result, and actual cost, you can present an area chart by choosing Fill Chart from the shortcut menu.

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