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Adding fixed costs and income to tasks

  1. Click the Schedule tab. In the Schedule Views group, click Cost and Income.
  2. Select the task in which you want to include fixed cost or income.
  3. Enter base fixed cost in the Cost field. You can enter in Low and High estimated costs.
  4. Select an accrual method in the Accrual column. Accrual methods indicate how cost is accrued in the task. Default accrual method is set in the Options > Cost. Available accrual methods are:
    - Start
    - Finish
    - Prorated
  5. Enter Income in the same manner as above.

  • You may assign fixed cost to the summary tasks the same way as they are assigned to the subtasks
  • You may define uncertainties in fixed cost using low, base and high values of cost.
  • Uncertainty in variable cost is originated in task work since variable cost = resource work * number of units * rate.

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