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About Risk Reviews

RiskyProject helps you to facilitate regular risk reviews. You can define the risk review periodicity (weekly, monthly, quarterly). RiskyProject will notify you before review is scheduled. During the risk review, you may analyze all risk attributes, make necessary changes, and write notes. Risk reviews are important components of the risk management monitoring and control process as the status of risks and their attributes, such as probabilities and impacts, are in constant flux during the course of a project.

Risk review due date

Each risk review can have a scheduled due date. The risk should be reviewed on or before a due date. A few days before due date RiskyProject will notify you regarding the scheduled review. The notification will be presented as a change in color of the Next Review property if it is inserted in Risk Register.

You may also view the Next Review date on Properties and Risk Review tab of Risk Information dialog box. You may also insert a Next Review column to the Risk Register view.

The default risk review frequency and number of days before incoming risk review is defined in Default Risk Properties dialog (Risk tab of the ribbon, Settings pane).

Entering and viewing risk reviews

You may enter information regarding risk review using Risk Review tab of the Risk Information dialog box. The Risk Review tab offers greater flexibility to view all risk reviews for the project, as well as allowing you to modify or delete risk reviews.

To enter a risk reviewing:

  1. On the ribbon, click Risk > Risk Register.
  2. In the ribbon, click the Risk and then the Risk Register or Risk Properties view.
  3. Double-click on risk ID to open the Risk information dialog box.
  4. Use Properties tab to enter general information about risk.
  5. Click Submit Review button.
  6. In Risk Review dialog box enter who submitted review, review notes, and click OK.
  7. If necessary update due date for the next review using Next Review field or update frequency of review for this risk using Review Frequency dropdown list.

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