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Success Rate View

The success rate or chance the task will be successfully completed is shown on the Success Rate Gantt chart. RiskyProject represents the success rate of each task using different colors, which represent a range of success rates.

A task can be canceled in one of three cases:

  • if the outcome Cancel task or Cancel task + all successors occurs, this cancels the tasks plus all successors which have occurred;
  • if a task reaches a deadline, and action associated with deadline is set to cancel task; and,
  • if a project has reached a deadline and the task finish time is beyond the deadline.

Viewing task success rates

The Success Rate view provides another analysis view to investigate the root causes of project uncertainties.

  1. If the Success Rate view does not appear on the Workflow bar, click the All Views button.
  2. Click on the Success Rate icon to open the view. The calculated success rates of tasks are color-coded.
  3. Double-click on a task with a low success rate in the Gantt chart to view distribution charts and statistics for the selected task.
  4. Double-click on a risk (arrow) to view the Risk Properties of a risk assigned to a crucial task.

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