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Creating a mitigation or risk response plan

  1. On the Workflow bar, click the Risks tab and then the Mitigation or Response view.
  2. Enter the mitigation or response plan name. Summary entries will help you to organize information but they are not considered a mitigation plan.
  3. Enter an Outcome and Result of the mitigation efforts. The outcomes available are:
    • fixed and relative delay
    • fixed and relative cost (income) increase
    • restart task
    • no impact
    • Execute task
  4. Enter the mitigation plan description. When you run a simulation, the Chance coefficient will show the chance that this mitigation plan will be executed.

Mitigation plans will be executed only once for multiple risks with the same outcome occurring for the same task. For example, if you have two risks:

  • Fire
  • Flood

Both have a mitigation plan "Clean Up". Clean Up will only execute once, even if both the Fire and Flood risks occur during the particular task.
Mitigation or response plans are only available for tasks (not resources).

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