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Analyzing Risk Mitigation Efforts with Multiple Baselines

RiskyProject allows you to create multiple baselines of the same project. Multiple baselines can be used during the planning stage, to determine the effects your risk mitigation efforts or response plans will have on the project’s overall cost, finish time, and success rates. You can save up to 10 baseline versions of a project.

For example, once you have created your project and run a risk analysis on it, you can create a baseline. When you create the baseline, you can select a level of certainty (percentile) that you have decided to use for management purposes. You can then model the effects of mitigation efforts or risk response plans, This modeling may include adding additional activities with resources and costs as well as the closing or minimizing of risks. You can then create a baseline of the "mitigated" project plan and compare it with the unmitigated baseline. In this way, you can decide you risk response plan as defined in PMBOK: avoid, transfer, mitigate, or accept.

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