Project Risk Management For Fasttrack Users

AEC Software is a leading provider of project management software. FastTrack Schedule 10 is the leading easy-to-use project management software for planning, tracking, and reporting project goals. Ideal for both new and experienced project managers, FastTrack Schedule 10 Concurrent-User Versions help teams effectively and successfully manage projects.

RiskyProject integrates with AEC Software's FastTrack Schedule 10 using an XML interface. Just export FastTrack's project schedule into XML file and open it in RiskyProject. You can then assign risks and uncertainties and perform quantitative risk analysis on the project. In this way, you can analyze the risk profile of FastTrack's schedules.

  1. Create a project in FastTrack Schedule and export to XML
  1. Open the XML file in RiskyProject.
  2. Set Low/High Duration and Cost and assign risks
  1. Click Calculate button to perform the analysis
  2. Analyze and report results
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