Entering risk properties

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Entering risk properties

Post by Dwen » Thu Aug 04, 2016 10:27 am

I define custom risk property called "Risk Duration". How can enter value for this risk property?

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Re: Entering risk properties

Post by Intaver Support » Thu Aug 04, 2016 10:42 am

I current version of RiskyProject 6.1 you can define risk property in "Risk Properties" dialog. You can also associate the type of risk property and define maximum and minimum values if required. You cannot enter actual data for this risk property to the grid, but you can use "Custom property" tab in Risk Information dialog box (double click on risk ID in the risk register). It is important to note that custom risk properties are presented with this tab in the same order as in Risk Properties dialog. RiskyProject will validate risk property when you enter it. After you enter Risk Property in can be viewed with Risk Register. You can also use Filter to find risk with this risk property.

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