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Best way to transfer schedule from Microsoft Project

Posted: Wed Sep 23, 2015 8:05 pm
by Josh
What is the best way to transfer project schedule from Microsoft Project to RiskyProject: using RiskyProject addin in Microsoft Project or by exporting data to XML file?

Re: Best way to transfer schedule from Microsoft Project

Posted: Wed Sep 23, 2015 8:17 pm
by Intaver Support
We always recommend whenever possible use the RiskyProject Addin for Microsoft Project to move schedules into RiskyProject.

The reason for this is two–fold. First, the import of project schedule into RiskyProject is much quicker using the Addin. The Addin filters out any unnecessary time series data and therefore only the essential data required for analysis is transferred. RiskyProject also allows you to exclude specific data types to speed up both the import, but also the analysis. These settings can be found in Map Microsoft Project Fields dialog (click on File -> Import).


Second, using the Addin creates a link to between the Project and RiskyProject data. Once the link is created, if you update the project file and reimport into RiskyProject, RiskyProject will identify the previous data and will update is data accordingly with all previous risk data will persist. So next time you need to run a Monte Carlo risk analysis or manage risks the process should be fairly quick.

In some cases Microsoft Project security settings prevent installing RiskyProject add-ins. In this case, you may always use XML export from Microsoft Project and import it in RiskyProject. Just click on Save as in Microsoft Project and select XML file format. Then go to RiskyProject. Click on File -> Open and select XML format.