Linking risks to multiple tasks and resources

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Linking risks to multiple tasks and resources

Post by RohTR1 » Mon Jan 09, 2012 11:32 am


1. If i am having a risk which is affecting number of tasks/resources, how it should be assigned?
2. While defining the resources; if my hourly rate is $35 per man-hour total cost for that task is calculated by multiplying total duration for that task by the rate however that doesn’t represent the real cost as the number of employees working in that activity is not included. Is there a way where it can be re-presented correctly?
3. There is a comment in the project settings that project deadline doesn’t affect the deterministic calculations? I have tried changing it however the results (as presented in the project summary analysis for base, low and high end dates do change); could you please advice in how to select the optimum deadline and how to de-activate its impact on results?
4. How the sensitivity ranking can be extended? I have changed minimum sensitivity coefficient to 0 but the list is still not covering all the risks. Got about 16 risks but the ranking is only stating 3 risks?


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Re: Linking risks to multiple tasks and resources

Post by Intaver Support » Thu Jan 12, 2012 5:13 pm

Assigning risks:

1. If the risks is specific to a resource, then assign it to the resource and it will automatically impact all of those activities to which the resource is assigned. If not, the best method would be to create a task risk, and associate it with the specific activities that it will affect.
There are a few other risks, which seem to be giving odd results that we need to look at before we give you a full response.
2. The only way to correctly account for resource risks is to to create all of your resources and give them a % allocation the specific task they will be working on. You can create a resource that is actually a proxy for the a group of resources, However, the cost would have to represent the either fixed or variable rate associated with all the resources in the group. RiskyProject handles resources to conform with the schedule process of software like Microsoft Project or Primavera.
3. Project deadlines can either just be visual markers or they can impact the schedule results. For a full explanation of how deadlines work in RiskyProject see ... lines.html.
4. Without looking at your schedule, I would suggest that there may be a couple of issues. One, you sensitivity view may not be showing the correct parameters (Cost, Finish Time, Duration, etc.) or the coefficient is so low that they have been rounded down to zero.

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