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Task Simulation Results

RiskyProject allows you to quickly view the cost (revenue, if income in any task is defined), duration, start time and finish times uncertainties associated with each task.

After you have completed a probabilistic calculation, you can see the probability that the particular task will start and finish on particular dates, and will have a duration and a cost less than a certain value. The six charts available are for:

  • Cost (Revenue)
  • Duration
  • Start Time
  • Finish Time
  • Variable cost
  • Work

Viewing Task Simulation Results

  1. Right click on a task ID in any view. A shortcut menu opens.
  2. Choose Task Simulation Results from the shortcut menu. The Monte Carlo Simulation Results dialog box opens.
  3. Drag the slider across the charts to view the chance of a certain result.
  4. Double-click on a chart to open up a detailed view of the chart.
  • Click the tabs on the top of the charts to toggle between Frequency, Cumulative Probability views, or their combination.
  • Click the Statistics, Data, or Percentiles to view more detailed views of the result data.

  • Double-click on the frequency chart to enlarge it
  • Right-click on a chart to copy the chart, statistics or data to the clipboard or view cumulative probability, frequency charts, or their combination.
  • You may format charts using Options button for short cut menu.

You may use this feature to view task simulation results at each phase of the project. For example, if you have a milestone associated with a certain phase of the project, you can determine the chance that this phase of the project will be completed on time and budget.

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