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RiskyProject Interface

RiskyProject supports a multi-document interface. You can open and close multiple project schedules during one session in RiskyProject.

Project risk analysis software

Modifying the Workflow Bar

You may modify the Workflow bar by inserting and hiding views. Any changes you make to the Workflow bar becomes the default for all projects.

  1. Right click on any button on the workflow bar.
  2. Click on Hide Icon to hide the selected icon.
  3. Click on Insert Icon to insert an unused icon to the workflow bar. If the icon is already inserted to on any of the tabs, it cannot be inserted again.
  4. Click on Set Default Icons if you wish to restore default set of icons. By default, all icons are visible except of some reporting views.

Application Look

You may change color and style of title bar, toolbars, and status bar, as well as change theme for the datasheets. The theme is used for any grid including grids inside dialog boxes.

Changing the application look

On the Tools tab, in the Resources and Settings group, click Application Look…

Formatting Gantt Bars

You may adjust the shape and color of Gantt bar. You may do it for specific tasks or for specific types of tasks: standard tasks, summary tasks, milestones, etc.

Formatting Gantt Bars for All Tasks

Click the Schedule tab. In the Settings and Options group, click Format Gantt Bar.

Formatting Gantt Bars for Selected Tasks

  1. Select task or a group of tasks
  2. Right-click on Task ID and choose Format Bar

Formatting Gantt Bars for All Tasks

On the Schedule tab, in the Settings and Options group, click Format Gantt Bar.

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