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RiskyProject: Project Risk Management
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Schedule Risk Analysis standalone and as Microsoft Project Add-in
Project Risk Management standalone and as Microsoft Project Add-in
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Risk adjusted project schedule Results of Schedule Risk Analysis Is Risk Adjusted Project Schedule

Results of project schedule risk analysis Project Schedule risk analysis: Results of Monte Carlo Simulation

Probability vs. impact matrix Project Risk Management: Risk Matrix

Risk mitigation waterfall chart Project Risk Management: Risk Mitigation Waterfall Chart

Project Risk Management and Project Risk Analysis

RiskyProject: Project Risk Management and Project Risk Analysis Software

RiskyProject is an integrated project risk management and risk analysis software. RiskyProject facilitates all steps of the project risk management process: risk identification, analysis, mitigation and response planning, and risk communication. RiskyProject performs both qualitative and quantitative risk analysis and includes schedule and cost risk analysis using Monte Carlo simulations. RiskyProject’s risk register covers the entire risk life cycle for project, program or portfolio risks: threats, opportunities, issues, and lessons learned with their properties. Risks can be assigned to project tasks and resources. The risks can impact not only project schedule and cost, but also performance, safety, security, and other risk categories. You can create and assign risk mitigation and response plans to any risks.

RiskyProject is a scalable suite of products: RiskyProject Lite for schedule risk analysis, RiskyProject Professional for integrated project risk management and risk analysis, RiskyProject Enterprise for portfolio risk management and analysis on organizational level, and RiskyProject Cloud, which is web-base qualitative risk analysis and risk management software.

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Schedule Risk Analysis Software with Microsoft Project and Standalone

Schedule Risk Analysis Software with Microsoft Project and Standalone

RiskyProject is a schedule risk analysis software based on Monte Carlo method. Monte Carlo schedule risk analysis helps to determine the impact on your schedule with risks and uncertainties and generates risk adjusted project schedules. RiskyProject integrates cost and schedule risk analysis and risk management in one package. Schedule risk analysis implemented in RiskyProject is based on Event Chain Methodology: quantitative risk analysis and uncertainty modelling technique - the next advance beyond Critical Path Method and Critical Chain Project Management.

RiskyProject includes multiple schedule risk analysis, which help you to assess how risks and uncertainties would affect your projects, programs, and portfolios. Sensitivity analysis helps to rank risks within a risk register and determine crucial tasks. Interactive tools can help you to assess project contingency and analyse multiple project scenarios. You can be presented with interactive project cost and cash flow charts. Results of quantitative and qualitative risk analysis are shown using a probability vs. impact matrix. RiskyProject helps you to calculate the effect of mitigation and response efforts. The joint confidence level chart allows you to analyse project duration and cost including time and non-time dependent costs.

RiskyProject is integrated with Microsoft Project, Oracle Primavera and other project management software, but also without using any other tools. RiskyProject includes all scheduling capabilities: you can create and modify project schedules in RiskyProject. You can generate the results of project risk analysis and any information about risks in a variety of industry standard reports and also export the results to different third party applications.

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Project Risk Management Consulting And Training

Intaver Institute offers training courses focused on both project risk management and project risk analysis theory and how to use RiskyProject software. The training courses can be customized for specific requirements of any organization and delivered on site. Intaver Institute also provide consulting services aimed on establishing project risk management processes within in organization. It includes project risk identification and assessment using Intaver's software and methodologies.

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